Luminary Room Spray and Candles Available March 19th Until May 31st!

You asked and we delivered!! Our Luminary Room Spray and Candle will be available tomorrow, March 19th through May 31st exclusively through our website! Hand-crafted to create the ultimate immersive experience, Luminary candles and room sprays bring luxury and freshness to your space. 

Our exclusive Luminary scent, previously known as “Naked”, has a wonderfully balanced and sweet aroma that our client’s are always asking us about. Well, now you can make your home smell Luminary clean 24/7. 

Our Luminary Candle is ideal for your bedroom, as the calming flicker of light gently bounces off your wall, and the crackling of the wooden wick amplifies the serene setting. In your kitchen, it’s a practical, yet luxurious way to eliminate odors, while adding a touch of warmth to the atmosphere. But the candle doesn’t stop here! Enhance the cozy ambiance of your living room while basking in the relaxing aroma. 

But what if you can’t have a candle in your residence or office? Stress less with the Luminary Room Spray in your home, in your office, or even in your classroom. One sniff of our calming fragrance is sure to bring you back to your happy place. 

Our room spray is just as fragrant as our candle, but it can be used anywhere and is small enough to be taken on the go. Enhance the ambiance, eliminate odors, or simply change the feeling of your atmosphere, anywhere, at any time.

Elevate all your spaces with our signature Luminary candle and room spray. From cozy bedroom escapes to refreshing office vibes, our captivating scent is here for a short time only. Grab yours before they’re gone!!

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