Everything You Need To Know About Dust.

OMG! Dust is everywhere and composed of pollen, skin cells, bacteria, smoke/ash, bits of rock, and more. It’s no wonder you’ve been sneezing. Removing it will surely improve the air quality in your home or office right? But what type of duster should you use? Will it trap the dust? What can you do to […]

The Importance of Decluttering Your Space.

As a company that provides residential cleaning and commercial cleaning, we want to remind our customers and prospective customers about the importance of removing clutter in your home. This Spring, we want to explain how a decluttered and clean home can have a major positive impact on your life and how you feel.  The Physical […]

An Intimate Conversation With Luminary Owners, Celisa and Brandon Webster.

Greetings! We wanted to take this time for you and your family, to get to know us and our family a little better, and answer a few of the common questions we receive.  First, let’s start off with an introduction. My name is Celisa Webster, co-owner and COO of Luminary.  My husband, Brandon Webster, is […]

How To Save Your Moldy Appliances!

You’ve opened your storage container only to find your appliances covered in mold! Your first thought is GROSS!! With the second being, “Do I have to replace them?” The answer is NO! Not all appliances need to be thrown away. Trust us! With a proper and efficient clean your appliances can be saved.  Take a […]

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